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Karen Langston Certified Nutritionist

Karen Langston CNCP, LE, LM, SIT


Karen's first endeavor was her passion to teach. She received her Early Childhood Education certification in Toronto, Canada. This was the beginning of her educational pursuit in the interest of teaching and coaching. 

Due to the blessings of an illness, Karen was guided to receiving her degree in Applied Holistic Nutrition, from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Canada. To bolster her coaching capabilities, Karen pursued the status of Certified Nutritional Practioner and graduated from the Certified Nutritional Practitioners Council of Canada in Toronto, Ontario. 

Wanting a scientific edge to Nutrition, Karen became a Live Cell Microscopsit certified by the ANMC INC in Toronto, Ontario and a Capillary Puncture Technician from Robetech Institute.  The pursuit of science, led to including further significant skill-set development to include Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator and Functional Medicine Consulting from First Line Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Karen then became involved in the final chapter of truly encompassing all functional aspects of wellness and an optimal lifestyle by perusing her certification as a Somatic Intuitive Training Practitioner from the Institute for Sacred Integrative Somatherapies in Tampa, Florida.  Somatherapies is the training and technique development to alleviate stress, release old emotional patterns and understand emotional and food relationships as they pertain to health and well-being.

Karen's approachable and easy-going personality spills over into her dedication to demystify the language of health science and optimal nutrition. Her fun and simple programs are easy to understand and follow at any age. Her articles of choice are educational and sought after for her unique approach to educate and enlighten. Karen is a coach, author and creator of many different health, wellness, motivational and emotional well being programs. Her current and most successful program is the Body Rehab ™program that shape-shifts the mind and body environment. Karen is founding partner in the most incredible network; The Ultimate Health and Wealth Network, promoting a functional health and wellness community for small businesses and corporations. Karen is known internationally as a go-giver and will stop at nothing to be of service to spread the message that everyone has the right to optimal health. 

The Body Rehab Program entails shape-shifting mind, body and environment. Whether you need to lose weight or discover the underlying cause to illness and dis-ease in the body such as (but not limited to); Gout, Arthritis, Diabetes, Depression or to detoxify, Body Rehab is your answer! You will have all of the necessary tools to live the healthy optimal lifestyle you and your family deserve. 

Body Rehab will cover (but not limited to): testing, nutrition, beverages, supplements, cooking, grocery shopping, outside environment, inside the home environment, personal hygiene products, home and garden products detoxification and emotional health.

Karen Langston

Extreme Nutrition, Chief Body Reorganizer

623 252-HEAL (4325)

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    Sammi - Apr 20, 2011
  • ""Great Chiropractor!"

    I fought with back pain for long time before going to see Dr. A. Now, as soon as I feel stiffness, or any singe- which isn't very often- I get an appointment to see my chiropractor. Thank you, Dr. A"
    Tom Wilson Jr.
  • ""Very courteous & respectful (unlike some doctors!)"

    I have been going to Mr.Abbas Khayami for almost 1 year now and I have no need to visit another chiro. Abbas takes care of everything and is very courteous, respectful and knows 100% what he is doing. Went to 4-5 chiros before him and I'm a customer for as long as he's in the valley. Thank you Abbas!"
    Bryce - Jul 10, 2011
  • "I arrived from South Africa and after 2 days of long, cramped air travel and a tedious 9 hour layover, my back and neck were in "bad shape". My daughter took me to see Dr. Abbas Khayami and I was pleasantly surprised at both the warm greeting I got as well as the avid attention to the description of my ailments. Dr. Khayami took the time to listen to me and was genuinely concerned about all aches and pains. He has a very professional and respectful manner and after just 1 treatment my pain disso"
    Alison, T
  • "I had been experiencing lower back pain off and on for several years. It wasn't until I was in severe pain before I decided to visit a chiropractor. It was my first time at a chiropractor and so I did not know what to expect. Dr. Khayami was great. He patiently took the time to listen and talk to me about my pain. He explained what was causing the pain, recommended treatment, and even showed me some stretches to help stop the issue from recurring. After just one treatment I was feeling 100% bett"
    Christian, N