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About 16,500 accidents are reported every day in the United States. Car accident injuries are becoming quite common nowadays. It’s due to various factors, such as over-speeding, rule violation, rash driving, etc. Travel and automobiles have a significant impact on our lives, and they have taken the place of a necessity now. However, the injuries they cause make it difficult to heal for the rest of our lives. But, if you find chiropractic on time, you can return your body to a pre-accidental state. This article aims to give you valuable insights into the benefits of chiropractic therapy and some of the popular techniques. So, let’s get to know these.

How Common are Car Accidents? 

Car accidents are prevalent and happen almost every minute of the day. The National Highway Traffic Administration states that someone is involved in a car accident every minute of every day. There is a high probability that you or your loved one will experience a car accident at some point in your life. Even minor car accidents can cause significant injuries, so urgent care is critical.

You might have chronic pain if you have recently been in a car accident. A skilled chiropractor can resolve any such problems. Consider taking medication that can undoubtedly alleviate your pain. However, it would only be short-term, and you’ll struggle from your pain throughout your life. Why not visit a chiropractor and live your everyday life? You’ll soon learn some popular chiropractic techniques for alleviating car accident injuries. Stay tuned.

Typical Car Accident Injuries and Popular Chiropractic Techniques for Alleviation

Most car accident injuries involve the neck, spine, and head. All these areas create high discomfort for the individual in living everyday life. Fortunately, these areas can be treated with chiropractic therapy and positively impact the lives of many. Here we’ll discuss common car accident injuries and some popular chiropractic techniques for your understanding.

  • Whiplash 

 Whiplash is an injury that tears the neck and upper back muscles. It may result in the dislocation of the upper cervical spine. Whiplash injury causes neck pain or stiffness and might cause long-term complications when left untreated. It also comes with a variety of other symptoms, such as: 

  • Numbness in the arms
  • Blurred vision
  • Extreme fatigue, and so on. 

Chiropractic therapy for whiplash includes spinal manipulation and manual treatments. Spinal manipulation is a practice that applies pressure on the areas of the patient’s spine for realignment. It uses techniques such as:

  • Flexion-distraction, 
  • Specific spinal manipulation, and 
  • Instrument-assisted manipulation.

Chiropractors use the flexion-distraction technique to treat pain and disc herniation that occurs with a whiplash injury. Here, direct or quick force isn’t applied; gentle pressure relieves the patient’s pain. The chiropractor uses less intense pushing motions and gentle stretchiness on the disc. Chiropractors also use special instruments to apply force on the affected area if required.

Instrumented chiropractic adjustments involve a small tool that applies pressure to the spine. Doing so helps realign the spine and restore its normal function. Another popular therapy is specific spinal manipulation in chiropractic care. This therapy helps to realign the patient’s spine by encouraging the nervous system.

  • Shoulder and Neck Pain 

Car accidents also come up with shoulder and neck pain for many. A fractured collarbone would result in limited shoulder movement. In contrast, the rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck during an accident causes neck pain. Shoulder and neck pain severely impacts the quality of well-being and comes with associated symptoms. Some of these include Numbness or tingling, weakness, headaches, etc. 

Alleviate Accident-Related Discomfort with Chiropractic Therapy

Seeing a chiropractor after such an injury would greatly help you, especially in the long run. Chiropractic therapy adjusts rehabilitation exercises, massage therapy, and other integrated therapies would help alleviate the pain. Here are a few common chiropractic stretches to relieve neck and shoulder pain: 

  • Arch back 
  • Lean 
  • Side to Side 
  • Chin to the chest 
  • Rolling 
  • Skyward stretch 
  • Knee and Back Pain 

Knee pain can result from a sudden shock during a car accident. Sprained kneecaps, ligament tears, and other serious knee problems would require treatment and physical therapy. Knee injuries make it difficult to walk or run on your own and affect the quality of your life. However, chiropractic care for such injuries can give you great benefits and help relieve your pain. The chiropractor uses physical therapy to treat such injury and restores normal knee function. Visiting a chiropractor would help you regain your knee health and return to your daily activity level.

Another common car accident injury includes problems with your back. Back pain, when left untreated, can lead to long-term health problems and interfere with your daily routine. Many people experience lower back pain after a car accident, and it doesn’t heal on its own. Chiropractors mostly employ the following therapies for relieving lower back pain.

  • Manual therapy 
  • Body adjustment and 
  • Mobilization 

Manual therapy for alleviating lower back pain includes soft tissue mobilization and massage. This therapy helps to cure the spine and relieves stiffness. The chiropractor applies repeated pressure along the patient’s spine, tendons, surrounding muscles, and ligaments. It relieves back pain and makes it easy to move the spine. The chiropractor might also adjust the patient’s body to cure back pain. The spinal adjustment helps improve alignment, ease the pain, and restore joint and spine movement. 

  • Legs and Arms Injury

Some people experience severe and immediate pain in their arms or legs after an accident. In car accidents, various injuries can happen to arms and legs, and they might result in nerve damage or bone bruising.

Finding a chiropractor to treat these injuries can significantly help restore their normal function preceding the accident. The chiropractor would first evaluate or diagnose the issue and treat it accordingly. Most commonly, the chiropractor would reposition the patient’s vertebrae to alleviate the pain. However, the treatment will vary as per the patient’s need. A professional and thorough examination would make it easy to opt for the proper treatment.

  • Chest Pain 

Chest pain is also common among people who go through an accident. The airbags and seatbelts mainly cause this chest pain, leading to chest bruising or soreness. Fortunately, chiropractic center care can cure it. 

The treatment plan for such chest pain includes specific chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation exercises, and soft tissue therapy. The chiropractor applies precise chiropractic adjustments to the thoracic spine and the patient’s ribs area. It helps alleviate chest pain and make improvements in the patient’s life. 

Another way to relieve chest pain is by relying on rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle changes that your chiropractor recommends. These include yoga poses, specific stretches, and an anti-inflammatory diet. Soft tissue therapy also helps relieve the costochondritis discomfort. Here, the chiropractor integrates applied pressure and stretches to reduce chest pain.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries 

Spinal cord injuries are common after car accidents. Because of spinal cord damage, you might experience weakness, paralysis, or miscoordination in any part of your body. There could also be Numbness, tingling, or a loss of sensation in your hands, toes, fingers, or feet. Damage to your spinal cord can negatively impact your life, and it’s always better to see a chiropractor at your earliest. Some of the best chiropractic therapies for spinal cord injuries include: 

  1. Spinal adjustments (aligning vertebrae of the spine) 
  2. Physical treatment (stretching, aerobics, endurance training, etc.) 
  3. Hot and cold therapy (for better circulation and reduced Inflammation 
  4. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (for strengthening surrounding muscles and tissue) 
  5. Lifestyle recommendations (personal health goals, changes in the lifestyle, etc.) 

Top Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy After a Car Accident 

  • Reduce Inflammation 
  • Decrease Pain Intensity 
  • Restoring Joints to Proper Alignment 
  • Reduce Scar Tissue 
  • Non-invasive and Chemical-free Treatment 
  • Addressing the Cause 

Concluding Thoughts 

The effects of a car accident can be life-altering for many. Fortunately, chiropractic therapy can treat many car accident injuries. Chiropractors use various techniques and tools to restore joint flexibility and vertebrae of an individual. If you or your loved one has undergone a car accident, visit a chiropractor today.

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Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident 

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