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Back pain can affect almost everyone at some point in their life. You’ve probably considered visiting a chiropractor if you have chronic or acute discomfort. What do these trained professionals do to help relieve your back pain? 

There are a wide variety of treatments available, and many chiropractors use a blend of multiple approaches. Which one is right for you will depend on many factors. These include your age, overall health, and the source of your pain. 

Better Health Solutions will begin with an assessment to determine what is causing your back pain. This will let him offer you personalized treatment. Some common culprits for back pain include: 

  • spinal compression 
  • sports injury 
  • car accidents 
  • pregnancy 
  • repetitive stress injuries 
  • poor posture 
  • aging 
  • chronic conditions like disc degeneration 

Two of the most common techniques a chiropractor uses to treat your back pain are spinal decompression and chiropractic adjustments. Here’s what you need to know about them: 


The patient lies on a specialized table for this non-surgical procedure (not to be confused with surgery-based spinal decompression). Their spine is manipulated to stretch it out, relieving pressure on the supporting and connecting muscles and tendons that run along the line of the body. 

What does this do? It creates more space between the vertebrae. If you have herniated discs, your body may be able to absorb them. Additionally, circulatory flow and nerve function are improved. 

Who’s a good candidate for spinal decompression? Ultimately, Better Health Solutions will use our experience and knowledge of the body to decide. People who have seen significant improvement in back pain after spinal decompression has had issues like herniated or degenerated discs, spinal stenosis, and conditions like sciatica and scoliosis.

Some people are poor candidates for spinal decompression therapy, including pregnant women, those with a fractured spine, osteoporosis, or certain severe medical conditions. You can discuss with your chiropractor what your options are for alternative treatments. 


A chiropractic adjustment is the repositioning and realignment of your joints. This is typically done with carefully targeted pressure or manipulation. A misaligned joint or bone is associated with various health conditions. Stress, muscle tension, and general discomfort are just some of the effects this misalignment can cause. 

Manual adjustment is a hands-on technique that moves the joint back into place. This is primarily for the cervical area of the spine. It may be mildly uncomfortable, although many people don’t experience any pain. Chiropractic adjustments can also be made with tools. The joints are lightly tapped on with a device, stimulating and realigning them. This is typically a completely painless procedure. 

Who’s a good candidate for chiropractic adjustments? This technique can be very effective for people with chronic back pain, postural difficulties, or old injuries. It can also relieve pain in other areas of the body; for example, leg pain may be caused by pressure on a nerve in the spine. 

Chiropractic adjustments are not suitable for everyone. They do not treat all forms of back pain. Just like spinal decompression, this technique can be somewhat strenuous on the back and inappropriate for people with certain conditions or injuries. To find out if you are a good candidate for this adjustment , contact Better Health Solutions Chiropractor Scottsdale to schedule a consultation today! 

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