Dr. Abbas Khayami is a licensed chiropractor serving the Scottsdale community from his office located at the intersection of Indian School and Hayden. Dr. Khayami specializes in chiropractic rehabilitative care. His mission is to give patients the best care possible and to get them on the road to good health in an efficient and thorough manner. First goal for most new patients that walk through the door is simple “Get me out of pain”. The next goal is to keep the pain from coming back. While I want to make sure you get out of pain as quickly as possible, I also have a better goal “Keep the pain from coming back!” That is why teaching people about how they got this way in the first place and what to do about it is so important. Many of our patients have never been to see a chiropractor before they come in to see us. As a chiropractor with experience, Dr. Khayami is committed to promoting the optimal health and well being of his patients.

After completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry at the University of Shahrood in Shahrood, Iran, Dr. Khayami moved to the United States. He began taking classes at Scottsdale Community College and worked at Walgreens as a pharmacy technician. During his time at this job, Dr. Khayami saw how people were abusing medication in an attempt to relieve pain. Seeing this abuse fueled his desire to find a way to help people without the use of medication. He fulfilled this dream by graduating from Parker University in 2008.

Dr. Khayami started his career in chiropractic as an associate in high volume practices in both Texas and Arizona where he gained extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of musculo-skeletal problems for the entire family. One of Dr. Khayami’s specialties is working with adults and seniors. He relates extremely well to older people and has seen amazing progress in the patients he has treated. Being a father of three daughters, Dr. Khayami is also very comfortable treating children and adolescents. Dr. Khayami uses a “whole person approach” in his chiropractic therapy. This approach to wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and making interventions and suggesting lifestyle adjustments in order to optimize the conditions for normal function in the patient. Using this unique approach, Dr. Khayami is able to help his patients accelerate and/or maintain a journey to good health.

Dr. Khayami feels it is important to spend time with his patients to better assess their complaints. He believes that the muscles as well as the joints have an important impact on a patient’s recovery. With that in mind, Dr. Khayami has combined myofascial release (deep muscle work focusing on scar tissue) and trigger point release with chiropractic adjustments to create a unique approach to chiropractic care. To assist him with this technique, Dr. Khayami has an excellent massage therapist on staff. This in-office treatment is coupled with stretching and rehabilitative exercises in an active care/static care approach that benefits patients by replacing bad habits with good ones. These treatments are longer than the typical 5-minute adjustment and take about 30 minutes.

Dr. Khayami is very involved in his profession. He participates in professional organizations and regularly attends seminars on stress relief techniques, innovations in pain relief, and injury prevention. Dr. Khayami has a genuine talent for building relationships with his chiropractic colleagues, other doctors, and especially his patients. He is a trusted leader who insures continuity of patient care.